For many ventures, a good social media strategy is the difference between blowing up and blowing out. If you’re clueless about using social media for business, you should check out Tash Jefferies. Tash is a brilliant digital and social media strategist, and she’s used her skills to grow a strong following of deeply engaged fans.

I recently listened to Tash’s interview on the Starts with a Vision podcast. And let me tell you, she brought it, went back and brought some more.

Below I highlight a few of my favorite parts from the interview:

“The days of talking at you, for business, are gone”

Audiences are sick of being talked at. These days, they want interaction. They want to be acknowledged for their contributions. If you aren’t interacting in the comments sections of your social media posts, you’re doing it wrong.

Instagram Comment Bots Are the Worst

People have wised up to those lame Instagram bot comments. You know, the ones that say “so cool” or “great style” when you post a photo of your coffee. Tash and I first bonded over our annoyance with bots. This trend is getting old fast.

And we are not the only ones who are quick with the block button as soon as we get a whiff of bot comments. Even if you don’t use bots, generic comments like “Great!” can make you look like a bot. So unless you’re contributing something vaguely relevant to the post, just stop already.

Your purpose in life is on the other side of your fear

Toward the end of the podcast, Tash talks about the hardships she’s faced in life. But these obstacles didn’t stop her. Instead, they inspired her to leave behind a career in management consulting in order to pursue entrepreneurship. I agree that running a business goes hand in hand with facing your fears, so I was nodding like a bobblehead during this segment. As Tash says, she  “eat[s] fear for breakfast, lunch, dinner… snacks.” That’s exactly what it takes to bring your vision into the world.

But don’t take my word for it — listen to the whole interview here: Tash Jefferies on the Starts with a Vision podcast

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