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Creators Who Scale
Creators Who Scale

So, you want to scale your business, but you're not sure how? 

Well, I've got great news for you. I've developed the something specifically for creative business owners like you. It's called...


The Scale Up Starter Kit:

6 weekly sessions of one-on-one consulting 

plus, a custom Scale Up Playbook


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The Starter Kit includes:


• 6 consulting sessions: 1 hour video conference every week. Booked at your convenience. 6 weeks split into 3 phases: Strategy Phase, Tactical Phase, Resourcing Phase


Custom Scale Up Playbook™ filled with strategies, plans and analysis created just for your business

A Little Breakdown of Each Consulting Phase...


► Phase 1: Strategy (Value: $375)
  • A two-week deep dive into your mission and vision
  • We'll discuss your business model and your scaling goals, and I'll guide you through the tools that Fortune 500 companies use to achieve their objectives.


► Phase 2: Tactical (Value: $375)
  • Two weeks to establish your new actions and workflows
  • We’ll develop a concrete action plan, create your sales and expense projections, and map out the new workflows that will support your scaled-up business.


► Phase 3: Resourcing (Value: $375)
  • Two weeks to map out your scaled-up systems
  • We'll figure out exactly which digital tools and team members you need to back you up in your upgraded business, keeping in mind your return on investment.


► The Scale Up Playbook™ (Value: $200)

At the end of our 6 weeks together, I'll deliver your customized Scale Up Playbook™, which covers the tailored findings, analyses and plans we've developed for your business throughout our 6 sessions. This playbook will serve as a guiding light for your scaling journey.


Scale Up Starter Kit

Total value: $1,325

Limited-time launch price: $679


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Start for $97

$97 down, then 6 additional weekly payments of $97

Who Am I?


Jeannette Spaulding

Creative entrepreneur, investment analyst, Ivy League grad and multilingual multi-disciplinarian

I'm a former film student who switched gears to join the Ivy League in New York City. After graduating cum laude from Columbia University, I went to Paris to get my Master's in Finance and Strategy. Then, I became professionally qualified through the CFA Society of the UK as a holder of the Investment Management Certificate.

Over the past eight years, I've worked and consulted for businesses across sectors — from small tech startups to Fortune 500 companies to the largest financial firms in the world.

Now, I'm helping creators to change the world by showing them the strategies, systems and tools that make their businesses run better.

When it comes to scaling your business, you shouldn't skimp out on planning. Here's why...


1) Defining your strategy gives direction to your vision.

It tells you exactly what your most important objectives should be. In order to define your scaling strategy, we'll do a deep dive on your business model.

During Phase 1 of our consulting sessions, we’ll use the same strategic frameworks used by Fortune 500 companies in order to home in on the differentiating factors of your business.Set the wrong objectives and it might take you 10x longer or cost 10x more to get you to your goal. Without a strategy, you’ll be left throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping something sticks. But when you do that, a lot of spaghetti gets wasted. 

Working with tried-and-tested strategic frameworks in Phase 1, we'll ensure that doesn't happen to you. By the end of this phase, you have an informed, intentional strategy that puts you in the best position for reaching your goals.

2) When it's time to turn strategy into action, it's easy to get off track and focus on the wrong things.

When you have limited resources (and let’s face it - what business doesn't?), it's important to plan in advance which actions get implemented first. Getting off track means you'll spend more time and money trying to achieve your objectives. A good tactical plan establishes your priorities and keeps your actions aligned to your strategy.

Every business is different, and as a result, there can never be a standard tactical plan that applies to every business. That’s why 1-on-1 consulting can make a huge difference for your business. In Phase 2 of our consulting sessions, we'll build you a completely tailored tactical plan to make sure you stay on track, measure progress toward your objectives and achieve your scaling goals.

3) If you scale up without your systems in place, you risk blowing up your business.

Let's say you roll out your action plan and your business starts getting bigger. That’s great! But what happens once your scaled up business is doing bigger things, more and more frequently, day after day? Can you say, "overwhelm"?

Without the right systems in place ahead of time, growth can end up burning you completely out, or even worse, blowing up your business entirely. During Phase 3 of our sessions, we make sure that growth remains a happy, positive development for your business and for your life.

For the parts of your business that don’t scale, we’ll need to find new solutions that won’t bury you under work once your business is bigger. These solutions can involve digital tools, outsourcing, hired help or even just simplifying your processes. We’ll look at the costs versus expected revenue in order to build you a systems blueprint that's a money-maker, not a money-taker. Phase 3 is where you’ll really put on your CEO hat and get clear on how to manage all the human, financial and technological resources your growing business needs.

Do business bigger.

Book your first session now, at a time that works for you.

Start for $97

$97 down, then 6 additional weekly payments of $97

Topics Covered in Each Consulting Session


Session 1 (Strategy Phase)

Business Model Evaluation

  • Your scaling goals
  • Unique value proposition & Differentiating factors
  • Value chain


Session 2 (Strategy Phase)

Market Environment and Revenue

  • Peer mapping
  • Strength / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats
  • Setting objectives and forecasting sales


Session 3 (Tactical Phase)

Building the Action Plan

  • Establishing priorities
  • Measuring performance and progress
  • Building an action plan


Session 4 (Tactical Phase)

Getting Ready to Scale

  • Mapping workflow and supporting resources
  • Scalability assessment
  • Expense planning


Session 5 (Resourcing Phase)

New, Scalable Solutions

  • Adding scalability with digital tools
  • Outsourcing and team-building
  • Process management


Session 6 (Resourcing Phase)

Systems Blueprint

  • Blueprint connecting your tools, systems and people
  • Ins and outs of managing your new resources
  • Measuring return on investment of new resources



Your very own Scale Up Playbook

covering the findings, plans and analyses

from Sessions 1 through 6!

Do business bigger.

Book your first session now, at a time that works for you.

Start for $97

$97 down, then 6 additional weekly payments of $97

Why one-on-one consulting?

 Does it feel like you have to read 1,000s of articles just to progress with your business?


Are you tired of absorbing tons of information and STILL being unsure of how to actually implement?


Do time-wasting business tasks leave you without any more room for creativity?

 It’s hard to turn articles and courses into action. And for creatives struggling with the business side of their endeavors, it's even more frustrating. All this time spent figuring things out along the way takes away from your time to be creative.

You don’t need any more information, you need personalized guidance from someone who knows what you’re going through and how to overcome it.

That's why I'm offering you the chance to break free from this cycle of confusion and time wasting with tailored, one-on-one consulting. 

When you sign up for the Scale Up Starter Kit, you know our time together is going to be all about you.

You'll get 6 full hours of scaling guidance focused solely on your business. That means you'll have the time you need to work through the complexities of scaling. And you'll have an experienced strategic partner at your (virtual) side.

Plus, you'll walk away with a customized playbook that's been developed exclusively for your business.

Pretty cool, right?

Do business bigger.

Book your first session now, at a time that works for you.

Start for $97

$97 down, then 6 additional weekly payments of $97

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Scale Up Starter Kit? 


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