This is a movement, and community, of visionary creators


We are ambitious, talented digital natives. We believe in multiple forms of value creation: artistic, societal, financial... We push boundaries and blur lines. We remove ourselves from the systems that hold us back while crafting the systems that further our missions.

Members of the CWS community unite and celebrate each other. We are business-minded and creative. We seek to marry our gifts with responsible financial growth. Going against the starving artist mindset. We believe that business acumen and financial literacy are key to channeling creativity into a sustainable endeavor.

Creators Who Scale equips visionaries with practical business tools to go beyond the dream and successfully actualize. We value creative freedom, financial empowerment and the power of compounded actions.

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Jeannette Spaulding

Founder of Creators Who Scale

Fellow creative, investment analyst, Ivy League grad and multilingual multi-disciplinarian

Over the past decade, I've worked in strategic management, finance and digital business for startups, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Now, I'm helping creators to change the world by showing them the strategies, systems and tools that make their businesses run better.

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